Casting Call for: Dust Jacket

Hawser Media is currently seeking talented individuals for an exciting documentary film. Please note: Anyone wishing to participate in front of our camera must sign a release permitting the use of their image and/or voice in the project. Due to the nature of the production and editorial decisions that must be made, any particular individual is not guaranteed to appear in the final form of the film. And remember, film is VISUAL. Any other visual items you might have from photos to albums to audio equipment is VERY important.

Use the contact form on this website to forward your email, a brief description of the part you’d like and how you think you’re the best for it. We’ll be in touch soon. Thank you.

Working Title: DUST JACKET.
Format: Documentary, 80 minutes.

Seeking: All parts are 18+ years and older.

Parts available are listed below.

Part: Vinyl record collector. Several individuals.

Description: Do you have a majestic collection of vinyl records? Is your collection organized or just a pile? Are you willing to appear on-camera, talking about your favorites? The one that got away? Are you willing to invite our film crew into your vault to capture some great footage of yourself and that collection?

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Part: Audiophile who loves vinyl. Several individuals.

Description: Do you have an epic turntable? Maybe it’s brand new or a relic from the past? Do you have it all set up in a sound cave that would be the envy of music lovers around the world? Can you tell us all about it in a friendly way?

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Part: Vinyl record store owner/operator. Several individuals.

Description: Does your record store sell vinyl? Do you have a depth of knowledge of the records, eras, and customers? Will you invite our crew to your place for a day of shooting the details and more? Is okay if we return for another day of shooting because there’s so much more to see?

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Part: Radio Disc Jockey. Three spots available.

Description: Retired or currently working, we’d like to talk to you about spinning records at a radio station. Do you have photos or video of you on the job? That would be a big help if you’re willing to share them. Can we film you at the board, talking to the world? That’s another plus.

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Part: Audio Engineer (studio or strictly scientific)

Description: Are you a mix master at the board? Or, a technical whiz who can explain how vinyl sounds compared to other media in a way that anyone can understand? Can our crew access your studio or facility to capture great footage of you in action?

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Part: Musician. Several individuals, bands.

Description: Have you just gone vinyl? Or, have you always had your music distributed on vinyl? Are you willing to come on camera and tell us why and share your music, too?

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Part: Dancers, ballroom. Prefer couples/pair.

Description: Do you love to dance to the sound of a vinyl record? Can you perform swing and Latin moves in front of the camera? Do you have a space where we can film you showing off your best?

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Part: DJ Hip-hop.

Description: Can you spin the mix old school and new school? Do you have a rig that would impress the best? Can you talk about it on camera with our crew on the scene?

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Part: Dancers, hip-hop. Prefer pair/team.

Description: Do people stop and stare at your dance moves? Do you have a location that’s as visually exciting as your routines?

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Part: Antique dealer/expert.

Description: Are you excited about sharing your expert knowledge of things original and old with a wide audience? Do you know all about jukeboxes and record players? Do you have a shop with working players that our crew can film?

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Part: Album art graphic designer.

Description: Have you created stunning visual art for vinyl albums? Do you have permission to share that work with our cameras? Can you demonstrate your process to the camera?

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Description: If after reading through the list above you have an idea for a role that you could fill, please tell us about it! Use the contact form on the website. Don’t forget to include your info so we can reach out and discuss the possibilities.

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